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Action 1 1/2" Slip AFI Clear Filter w/200 Mesh SS Screen

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Action 1 1/2" Slip AFI Clear Filter w/200 Mesh SS Screen

The best filter when visual inspection of accumulated debris is important. The AFI is designed to...

  • Accommodate smaller applications (residential) at a very affordable price
  • Handle high pressure associated with secondary water
  • The industry recognizes this filter as the standard for function and dependability
  • 100% stainless steel screen
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 200 psi max. Working pressure
  • Simple center flush
  • Easy access to element without the use of tools for manual cleaning
8 Mesh3175 Micron.125
16 Mesh1588 Micron.062
32 Mesh792 Micron.031
50 Mesh292 Micron.009
100 Mesh152 Micron.006
150 Mesh104 Micron.004
200 Mesh74 Micron.003


1. Filter should be installed so the 1/2" clean out is level or lower than the inlet and outlet. Vertical is best for Sand Separator filters. Do not install 1/2" clean out higher than the inlet and outlet! Install so water will flow with the arrow direction on the gray tee body.

2. Install filter in a valve box or in a shaded area. Direct sunlight will degrade plastic parts.

3. Remove canister and screen when gluing filter body into the system. This will prevent glue and primer from ruining the screen and canister, glue or primer on the clear poly carbonate canister will void the warranty.

4. Use the correct solvent cement and gluing practices to assure a proper glue joint. Let glue joint dry according to glue manufactures recommendations before testing or operating system.

5. Hand tighten canister. Use of tools or pipe sealant compounds on O-ring sealed joints will void warranty. Use only Teflon tape on clean out end of the canister.

6. Filter must be installed at least 25 feet from zone valves, preferably right after the main on/off valve where the water source enters the property being filtered.

7. Open a valve downstream of filter and turn main line on SLOWLY when turning pressure into filter to avoid a water hammer effect.

8. Install outside of structures.

9. Not for use with compressed air or gas.

10. Thermoplastics decrease in strength when the temperature rises above 73° F, maximum operating temperature should not exceed 120° F. 11. For culinary water users. Use as a prefilter only, this product is not built, tested or rated for use as a primary filter only on culinary water systems.

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