Questions & Answers

1. How can I check the balance on our account?

It's easy! Log in to your account > 'Welcome' link (top right) > 'Account Balance'

2. Where can I find our receipts or invoices?

This way, please: Log in to your account > 'Welcome' link (top right) > 'Transaction History' (or 'Invoices' or 'Print a Statement')

3. Can I pay for an invoice or our balance online?

Yes! Log in to your account > 'Welcome' link (top right) > 'Invoices' (or you can pay for your balance at the 'Account Balance' page)

4. How can I request a quote?

Please call us at (888) 444-8497 or email us to for a quotation. You can also use our Contact Us form.

5. What is the tracking number for my shipment?

You can find it here: Log in to your account > 'Welcome' link (top right) > 'Purchase History' (you can find the tracking numbers as a column in the list of your purchases)

6. Why did I receive this warning message when I try to register: "There is already an account with this email address"?

Your email address is already connected to your account in our system - because e.g. we sent a transactional document to you before -, but you haven't registered / received an online access to your account yet. Please use the "Reset Password" feature to claim your online access via your email address. Once you will retrieve your password and log in successfully, you can reach your order and transaction histories as well as every related documents.

7. Why couldn't I find our former orders, transaction documents in our online access?

You can see / reach them only, if your online access and your account(s) are connected to each other in our system. If you can't see your every orders and related documents (or nothing at all) after you have already registered and logged in successfully then you might have more than one accounts in our system. In this case, please contact us and provide details about your missing orders, transactions, accounts (e.g. possible phone numbers, addresses, dates, items, etc.) that can help us to look up your other account(s) and merge them.

8. Can we have one more online access to our account?

Yes, any! We can set up online accesses separately for your colleagues, one by one. Please email us to from your registered email address and include your colleagues' names and email addresses in your request, so we could create their accesses quickly.

9. Do you test well water?

Unfortunatel we do not test well water, but we have a water treatment specialist who can analyze the results and design treatment systems. The two labs in the Victoria area that do test well water are Maxxam in downtown Victoria and MB Labs Ltd in Sidney.

10. Do you test pool and spa water?

Yes! We offer free very accurate digital pool testing and we will go over the results to develop a plan and achieve a perfect balance in your pool or hot tub for proper safety and enjoyment.

11. Do you offer installation or maintenance services?

Van Isle Water does not provide installation or maintenance services. However, we work with a great deal of professional contractors whom we would be happy to recommend depending on your need.