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Atlantic TT2000 (2,640 GPH / 44 GPM) Tidal Wave 3 Asynchronous Pump

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Atlantic TT2000 (2,640 GPH / 44 GPM) Tidal Wave 3 Asynchronous Pump


Why we like it: After selling thousands of these pumps (it’s true we counted!) over the last 5 years we can say with confidence these pumps rule. They are perfect for waterfalls, scuppers & spouts, and filtration systems. Their ability to handle particulates like pine needles, fish waste, algae, and debris eliminates the need for constant cleaning. Even if you do need to clean the pump or if the impeller gets impacted by a rock or some other hard foreign object- the pump can be taken apart without tools making cleaning easy and straightforward ( we stock replacement impellers and intake screens btw).

Under the hood: The TT series pump uses an open-faced vortex-style impeller that allows for the passing of particulate and debris. This enables them to also move high volumes of water while drawing very little power (roughly 66 watts per 1,000 gph). The asynchronous motor design allows for a uni-directional impeller typically associated with direct drive pumps but uses magnetic induction to vastly reduce power consumption. The large removable cage provides raised surface area that virtually eliminates the pump being clogged by large leaf or plant debris.

Pro Tip: Even though these pumps can handle solid material their impellor design allows water into the motor for cooling. There is a screen that prevents debris from entering the impellor housing but allows water through. In applications where there is fine silt (sand bottom features, concrete features that have not fully cured, etc.) this screen can become clogged. In these environments, it would be wise to check the impellor assembly from time to time and check this screen.


  • Large threaded inlet and outlet for less restriction and greater flows.
  • Quarter-turn volute provides access to impeller without the use of tools.
  • Heavy-duty pre-filter locks in place. Large openings and increased surface area resist clogging.
  • Three vane hybrid impeller improves flows and passes solids easily.
  • Additional perforations in handle provide greater surface area.
  • Energy efficient asynchronous motor is up to 30% more efficient than the competition.
  • All models feature 20' power cord and 3-year warranty
  • Model: TT2000
  • GPH: 2640
  • Watts: 115
  • Max. Head: 16
  • Suction/Discharge: 1 1/2" / 1 1/2"
  • Min. Pipe Size: 1 1/2"
GPH Flow @ Feet of Head

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