Jobe Topaz Frost Pro

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Jobe Topaz Frost Pro

Frostpro is a device that fits Jobe Topaz and Vortex Valves to minimize freezing in cold weather conditions. It is manually operated and when turned on allows a continuous flow of water through the valve to assist in the prevention of water freezing in the valve and pipe work supplying it.

When temperatures approach freezing the Frostpro cap is turned clockwise by hand to activate it. A low flow of water passes through the valve to prevent valve and pipelines freezing. The continuous flow into tank may be counteracted by lowering the water level with the extension arm thereby minimizing spillage through tank overflow pipe.

When temperatures are above freezing the Frostpro can be turned off by hand and the extension arm can be retracted.

The Frostpro is most effective when the temperature rises above freezing for a few hours each day. Its effectiveness varies on positioning and insulation of the water storage tanks and pipelines.

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