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Lamotte 60 ml DPD #1B Test Reagent

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Lamotte 60 ml DPD #1B Test Reagent

Replacement reagent for Lamotte LAM/2056 Colour Q Test Kit.

Test Reagent Shelf Life

All pool/spa test reagents (liquid, powders, tablets or test strips) have a shelf life based on storage conditions.

  • Store reagents in a temperature range of 36-85F (2 - 29C).
  • Keep reagents out of prolonged direct sunlight.
  • Store reagents away from treatment chemicals.
  • Replace reagent caps quickly to limit exposure to air and humidity.
  • Do not switch reagent bottle caps or repour reagents into unclean containers.
  • Taylor & Lamotte reagents (with very few exceptions) are fomulated to remain effective for at least one year.
  • Replace all reagents more than one year old, or at the start of a new testing season.

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