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Mister Soaker Hose .580 x 100' Soaker Hose Kit (Deluxe Purple Stripe)

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Mister Soaker Hose .580 x 100' Rain Barrel Soaker Hose (Purple Stripe)

Imagine using 100' of soaker hose in your garden with the best water there is, Mother Nature's!

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is specially formulated to work with any rain barrel or other gravity fed system. It is a low flow, high output soaker hose that allows maximum output for flower and other garden areas.

Rain barrel soaker hose uses .580 compression fittings. By using the simple black/yellow fittings you can create your own custom soaker hose system for your garden area.

Other soaker hoses require at least 10-25 pounds of pressure to operate. Rain Barrel Soaker Hose will work with a rain barrel sitting flat on the ground. Best results are achieved by elevating your barrel, simply by putting it on a few cement blocks. Always make sure your barrel sits higher than the areas you plan to water. If your gardening area is sitting uphill from your water source, then Rain Barrel Soaker Hose will NOT work.

For best results, the hose should be covered with mulch to keep the hose cool as extreme heat has a direct effect on the output of the hose.

Kit Contains:

  • 5 Couplings
  • 5 Tees
  • 5 90 Elbow
  • 2 FH Fittings
  • 5 End Caps

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use compression fittings?A: Compression fittings fit over the outside of Soaker Hose or poly tubing. Simply rock back and forth while pushing the fitting on. Once on, the fitting will not come off. If need be, you might be able to take the fittings off, by gently rocking back and forth to remove. (Caution: this could cause the hose to break off in the fitting.) Q: Can I bury my Soaker Hose?A: Burying rain barrel soaker hose is not recommended. Use it on the top of the ground surface. You can cover it with a layer of mulch (recommended for best results and also decreasing water evaporation). Q: Can I attach my Rain Barrel Soaker Hose to my faucet?A: No. Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is more porous than our other soaker hoses. It is specially made to work with gravity only.

Q: How important is a filter?A: A 200 mesh filter is a must have in order to filter out small particles or insects that may end up in your rain barrel. Q: Can I run Rain Barrel Soaker Hose higher than my barrel?A: No, water runs down hill. You soaker hose can never be higher than your source of water. Q: What is a pressure purge?A: To begin this process, remove your rain barrel soaker hose and attach it to a faucet or garden hose, leaving the end capped. Turn your faucet on all the way for 1 minute then off for 1 minute. Repeat this cycle 3 times. At the end of the 3rd cycle, remove the cap and flush out the system for about 3 minutes. Re-install the cap and hook it back up to your rain barrel.

Helpful Hint:

If possible, walking on or squeezing the Soaker Hose (especially the area of concern) will assist with breaking the buildup from the hose wall to flush out during this process.

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