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Mister Soaker Hose .700 x 100' Soaker Hose (Deluxe Red Stripe)

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Mister Soaker Hose .700 x 100' Soaker Hose (Deluxe Red Stripe)

Our .700 Bulk Soaker Hose can be identified with it's "Red Stripe". Bulk Soaker Hose offers the perfect delivery of water to plants. Made from recycled materials, 70% from recycled rubber and 30% recycled polyethylene products that are re-pelletized for use in the process. Bulk Soaker hose means there are NO fittings on the hose. In turn, you can cut to desired lengths to create your own custom system.

  • Can be run in lengths up to 150', but not to exceed 500' off one water supply
  • GPH is approx.142 gallons per hour, per 100' at 25 psi, depending on inlet pressure & water hardness. Shorter lengths will have an increase in gph
  • Soaker Hose should be used on flat surfaces not exceeding a 2' rise over 100'
  • A pressure regulator is a MUST since Soaker Hose is designed to work at low pressure
  • We recommend using a Soaker Hose pressure regulator, 200 mesh filter and a backflow preventer to help preventing clogging of the Soaker Hose
  • No end caps exist and if required you will need to use the appropriate threaded male end fitting and a garden hose cap.

Helpful Tips & Guidelines:

  • Always use compression fittings that fit over the hose/tubing as barb fittings that fit inside tend to diminish the flow rate
  • For even watering, individual lengths of soaker hose should not exceed 100' in length. Creating a system where a "loop" is created provides for more even water coverage
  • Soil type affects the amount of area the the soaker hose will water
  • Use soaker hose on top of the ground surface or covered with a layer of mulch for best results. You may bury the hose up to 4" deep is you wish, but this can make it more difficult to monitor watering, and lead to damage from roots or digging
  • A filter is highly recommended (Use a 200 mesh filter). For use on a well system, a filter is a MUST so that particles that might clog the pores of the tubing will be filtered out. Well water typically has particles of sediment in suspension. Installing a back flow preventer is highly recommended to stop dirty water backing up through the hose into your household drinking water supply. This is simply a matter of installing a one way valve between the water source or spigot and the first length of hose
  • For even watering, lay out soaker hose horizontally in sloped beds rather than up and down the hill
  • Water in the morning for maximum water efficiency & plant benefit
  • Watering deeply three times per week is a good rule of thumb
  • Soaker hose works best at low pressure. Use a soaker hose pressure regulator to control maximum water pressure
  • To prevent drinking water contamination use a backflow preventer
  • Don't forget soaker hose is low flow, low pressure. Turn faucet on approximately 1/2 turn. If your hose "sprays" and doesn't weep, you have too much pressure
  • Specs for Deluxe Soaker Hose: inside diameter .500, outside diameter .700, wall thickness .100
  • GPH, is approx. 142.5 gallons per hour, per 100' at 25 psi, depending on inlet pressure, water hardness
  • Running lengths shorter than 50' will increase water flow, as lengths over 150' will decrease water flow
  • Soaker hose pressure regulator is mandatory. Burst strength is 80 PSI. DO NOT use soaker hose with normal house pressure. Maximum run per MrSoaker hose Deluxe Soaker is 150' per length with a maximum of 500' per faucet (water source) at one time. Soaker should be used on flat surfaces not exceeding a 2' rise over 100'
*Chart is based on 45 psi inlet pressure with soaker hose regulator used for chart information. Variances, high flow, high pressure can cause the hose to water unevenly.

Mr Soaker Hose

Item #




Flow Rate 20 GPH



.4 GPH per 1ft

25 PSI

15 Ft. Max. Run



142 GPH per 100ft.

25 PSI

150 Ft. Max. Run



224 GPH per 100ft.

25 PSI

250 Ft. Max. Run

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