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Oetiker PexGrip 3-Handle Ratchet Pincer

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Oetiker PexGrip 3-Handle Ratchet Pincer

Crimping PEX tube and fittings with copper crimp rings is complicated. Oetiker’s patented PEXGrip system is simpler and easier, to save you time and money on PEX system installations.

One tool fits all sizes:
The 3-handle ratchet pincer crimps all PEXGrip clamps, from 3/8" to 1" sizes. When you work with copper crimp rings, you need to carry multiple tools or crimping jaw sets to cover all sizes.

Easy on the hands & wrists:
The third handle easily starts the ratchet action and a 40-50 pound grip finishes the crimp. Crimping a copper ring takes a 70-80 pound grip, increasing carpal tunnel stress.

A more compact crimp:
With PEXGrip, the tool only crimps the clamp's "ear." With copper the tool must grip the entire circumference. PEXGrip makes the job easier when you are dealing with tight spaces or obstacles.

  • Single handed installation.
  • Can be calibrated, with GO/NO-GO gauge included.
  • Heavy-duty professional grade tool.
  • Lightweight for easy handling.

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