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Uniseal Cord Seal for Single Power Cord

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Uniseal Cord Seal for Single Power Cord

  • Rubber cord bushing
  • Provided a flexible seal for sump covers
  • Hole size 2.00"

Instructions for Using Uniseal

1. Cut hole to the Holesaw size indicated on the Uniseal Sizing Chart (see below) Example: 3" Uniseal = 4" Hole (Holesaw)

2. Ensure the hole is clean cut with sharp edges. Irregularities could cause poor seating and ultimately, leakeage.

3. Insert Uniseal into hole with the wideside facing the pipe to be inserted.

4. Make certain that the pipe end to be inserted is clean cut. File the edges so that there are no sharp points to cust the Uniseal.

5. Using detergent or a silicone lube, lubricate the outside of the pipe end to be inserted, then push the pipe through the Uniseal from the large flange side.The detergent will be squeezed off as the pipe passes through the Uniseal. The co-efficient of friction of the rubber holds the pipe tightly in place.

Uniseal Part#Nominal Pipe SizeOD SizeRequired Hole Size
UNS/0501/2".0840"1 1/4"
UNS/0753/4"1.050"1 1/4"
UNS/1001"1.315"1 3/4"
UNS/1251 1/4"1.660"2"
UNS/1501 1/2"1.900"2 1/2"
UNS/354004" SDR354.330"5"
UNS/356006" SDR356.299"7"
UNS/CS3Cord Seal for 3 Power Cords

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