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UV Dynamics 6 GPM UVD180 3/4" MIPT

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UV Dynamics 6 GPM UVD180 3/4" MIPT

The UV Dynamics model UVD180 is applicable to point of entry applications in homes and cottages with lower water demands. The 30mj/cm2 dose of theUVD180 at 6gpm is ideal for general disinfection. The compact mounting footprint of the UV Dynamics model UVD180 facilitates under the sink point of use installation.

The UV Dynamics model UVD180 was designed using sophisticated computer modeling software and then verified by independent third party testing using accepted biodosimetry methods by GAP EnviroMicrobial Services.

The microprocessor controlled UV power source is designed for long life and includes both visual and audio lamp failure alarms as well as an annual lamp change timer.

  • UVD/P400467 - Surge Protector. A Surge Protector helps protect your UV power supply from frequent power outages, surges, brown out conditions or electrical storm activity. Recommended for use with all UV Dynamics installations.
  • VA/D6 - 6 GPM Flow Control. Flow controls are used to maintain a defined flow rate regardless of pressure variations of the supply line.

An Eco Fee has been applied to this product. For more info, visit the Light Recycle info page.

  • Flow rate of 6gpm (23L/min) delivers UV dose of 30mj/cm2
  • Flow rate of 5gpm (19L/min) delivers UV dose of 40mj/cm2
  • Passivated and polished 304 stainless steel reactor measuring 3.5" x 14.5"
  • 9000hr long life coated UV lamp
  • Microprocessor controlled UV power source with audible and visible lamp failure alarms
  • Annual lamp change reminder timer
  • Lamp life remaining feature
  • 3/4" MNPT fittings
  • Domed quartz sleeve to simplify servicing
  • No tools required for regular servicing
  • Easy-service lamp connector

  • A Minimum 5 micron pre-filter required.
  • Indoor use only - Select a mounting location for UV power source to protect it from condensation from the disinfection chamber and system piping.
  • Clean the quartz sleeve regularly

  • Water must meet the following minimum requirements for trouble free operation

  • Turbidity:< 1 NTU
  • Suspended Solids:< 10mg/L
  • Colour: None
  • Total Iron:< 0.3 mg/L
  • Manganese:< 0.05 mg/L
  • Hardness:< 7 gpg
  • UVT%: > 80%
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