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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Van Isle Water is happy to do what it can to keep harmful materials out of landfills.

As of October 1, 2012, BC expanded it's LightRecycle program to allow the recycling of all lighting products including all types light bulbs, ballasts and fixtures.

In order to fund this expansion recycling fees or eco-fees will now be applied to the sales of new lighting products. For more information visit: www.lightrecycle.ca

Some of the relevant categories and products affected are listed below.

Product CategoryFee CategoryEco-Fee/Unit
LampsLight Emitting Diodes (LED)$ 0.15
Ultraviolet (UV) Less than 2'$ .20
Ultraviolet (UV) 2' - 4'$ .40
Ultraviolet (UV) Greater than 4'$ .80
Incandescent / Halogen/Xenon$ 0.05
FixturesDecorative Light Strings /Holiday Lights$ 0.15/100
Fixtures: eg: outdoor lighting fixtures$ 0.85
Ballasts/TransformersBallasts (not integrated into lamps or fixtures)$ 1.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LightRecycle?

LightRecycle is a non-profit program to recycle lighting products in British Columbia. Since 2010, LightRecycle has accepted residential-use fluorescent lights at collection sites across the province. The expanded LightRecycle program now accepts all lighting products for recycling without charge, including all types of lights (bulbs and tubes), ballasts and lighting fixtures used in residential, institutional, commercial and industrial applications.

What products are accepted in the LightRecycle program?

The program accepts the following types of lighting products for recycling without charge:

  • All kinds and quantities of lights (bulbs and tubes), including fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LEDs), high-intensity discharge lamps (HIDs), incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • Lighting fixtures and products ranging from flashlights to light strings (e.g. Christmas lights), table lamps, wall fixtures, outdoor fixtures and chandeliers
  • Lighting ballasts and transformers, including historic ballasts containing PCBs

The collection system differs based on the based on the type of product (e.g. lights or fixtures) and the quantity being recycled. See below for more information.

As a consumer, where do I take my residential-use lighting products to be recycled?

Recycling your residential-use lighting products is easy. To find the collection site nearest you, please visit www.lightrecycle.ca or call the Recycling Hotline at 604.732.9253 in the Lower Mainland and 1.800.667.4321 in the rest of BC.

There are more than 200 LightRecycle collection sites for consumers to drop off their burnt-out lights (bulbs and tubes). The maximum limit for returns in a single visit is a total of 16 fluorescent tubes and a total of 16 other bulb types. Most of these sites will only accept residential-use lights and not the lighting fixtures included in the program. Remember to handle lights carefully. Do not break or puncture them.

Over 80 (and in most cases, separate) collection sites are also available for consumers to recycle their residential-use lighting fixtures, ranging from flashlights to table lamps and chandeliers.

As a "large volume generator," how do I recycle large volumes of lighting products used in institutional, commercial and industrial applications?

Any large volume generator, including contractors, businesses, relampers, schools, hospitals and building managers, can now recycle lighting products used in institutional, commercial and industrial applications through LightRecycle without charge. The collection system differs based on the type of product being recycled.

Light/Lamp Recycling
Large volume generators are encouraged to consolidate a pallet or more of whole lights or a drum of crushed lights, in accordance with the program's packaging requirements, to qualify for a free pick-up service. The LightRecycle program also includes a growing network of over 40 collection sites that will accept less than a pallet of whole lights from large volume generators. For a complete list of collection sites and information on pick-up services, please visit www.lightrecycle.ca

PCB-Containing Ballasts
Some lighting ballasts manufactured prior to July 1, 1980 contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and require special handling. LightRecycle will pick-up PCB-containing lighting ballasts directly from large volume generators without charge and make sure they are safely processed. These products must be identified separately from ballasts that do not contain PCBs and should NOT be taken to LightRecycle collection sites. For more information on how to identify and arrange pick-up of your PCB-containing ballasts, please visit www.lightrecycle.ca

Lighting Fixtures and Non-PCB Ballasts
Large volume generators can recycle their lighting fixtures and ballasts that do not contain PCBs through the existing scrap metal recycling system. For assistance identifying collection sites that accept these products, please visit www.lightrecycle.ca

What do I do with products that are not accepted in the program?

For disposal options for products that are not accepted in the program, call the Recycling Hotline at 604.732.9253 in the Lower Mainland and 1.800.667.4321 in the rest of BC.

How is the program funded? What are the "recycling fees" applied to new products and why are they required?

The LightRecycle program is funded by recycling fees applied to the sale of new lighting products in BC. As of October 1, 2012, fees apply to the sale or supply of all lights/lamps, ballasts and fixtures including retail, industrial, commercial and institutional sales. The fee rates vary by product type. The recycling fees are used to cover program costs, including managing the collection, transportation and recycling system for returned products.
Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers may include the recycling fee in the product price or display it as a separate charge to purchasers. The fee is not a government tax and the fee itself is not remitted to government. The fee is subject to sales tax as it is considered to be a part of the price of regulated products.

Who manages the LightRecycle program? Why was the program developed?

LightRecycle is managed by Product Care Association, a non-profit industry association. LightRecycle was developed in response to the requirements of the BC Recycling Regulation, which requires that all producers (manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers) of lighting products be part of an approved stewardship program for these products.

How do I get more information?

For more information, please visit www.lightrecycle.ca or call the Recycling Hotline at 604.732.9253 in the Lower Mainland and 1.800.667.4321 in the rest of BC. To contact Product Care directly, please email info@lightrecycle.ca