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  • 1 cu/ft Nextsand Turbidity/Sediment Filter w/Clack Timer Control Valve

1 cu/ft Nextsand Turbidity/Sediment Filter w/Clack Timer Control Valve

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1 cu/ft Nextsand Turbidity/Sediment Filter w/Clack Timer Control Valve

NextSand media, the world's most advanced turbidity reduction media. NextSand requires less backwash rate and volume, has higher service flow rates for a given volume of media, and it costs less too! It also outperforms FilterAg, FilterAg+, MicroZ, FilterZ and all other turbidity media. Nothing outperforms NextSand!

  • Very fine filtration (3 to 5 microns nominal filtration possible)
  • Superior flow rates 3-4 times that of multi-media
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting media (>5 years)
  • Simple, automated periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently
  • Simple operation with no day-to-day maintenance
  • Brand-name digital control valve (Clack WS1) with simple programming and operation

Van Isle Nextsand Filter systems are optimally designed to ensure that you can achieve the peak performance out of your NextSand media. Sadly, many of our competitors ignore the manufacturer's optimization specifications when they design their systems. Accordingly, their systems do not contain sufficient media to achieve the fine filtration capabilities of NextSand, or they contain too much media relative to the tank size thereby inhibiting the backwash process and causing premature clogging.


The backwash is controlled by the Clack WS1 digital control valve and is generally programmed to occur in the middle of the night (fully adjustable) when you are not likely to be using any water. In a typical residential application, the NextSand media should be replaced apaproximately every 5 years to maintain optimal performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully automatic backwash control valve
  • Additional sizes and options available
  • Saves cost of cartridge replacements

Clack WS-1 Timer Control Valve for Filters (Backwash Only)

  • 8 hr. battery back-up
  • Micro switches available
  • Front panel display with totalizer
  • Double backwash feature
  • Solar powered option
  • Backwash valve only
  • Carbon / Media Filters
Clack WS1 Valve w/ Nextsand Media
Part No.VolumeFlow RateMineral Tank
ServicePeakBackwash @ 5°C
CLK-KS11 cu/ft.5 GPM7 GPM5.5 GPM10 x 47
CLK-KS151.5 cu/ft.8.5 GPM10.5 GPM7 GPM10 x 54
CLK-KS22 cu/ft.12.5 GPM15.5 GPM10 GPM12 x 52
CLK-KS2ME2 cu/ft.12.5 GPM15.5 GPM10 GPM12 x 52
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