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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trojan UV Sleeve Cleaning

Minerals in the water slowly form a coating on the sleeve. This coating must be removed because it reduces the amount of UV light reaching the ater, thereby reducing the purification performance.

Basic Models: Please clean the sleeve regularly (3-4 times per year, or more often depending on the water quality).

Plus Models: A low UV alarm will sound when it’s time to clean the sleeve (flashing red indicator light beside the sensor on the control panel).

When only cleaning is required, follow steps 1-9 in the Trojan UV Max Manual and re-install the current lamp.

Lamp Replacement & Resetting

The amount of UV light created by the lamp decreases over time, requiring that the lamp be replaced every 12 months. NOTE: The UV system is designed to operate continuously and should not be shut off for short periods of time, such as over a period of less than three weeks.

A, B4, C4 Models: Please keep track of your lamp’s life. After 12 months follow these instructions to replace the systems with a new lamp.

D4, E4, F4 and Plus Models: The system will automatically notify you after the 12 months to replace the lamp. Follow these instructions.

Required Equipment:

  • Clean cotton, latex or plastic gloves (preferred).
  • Scale remover such as CLR or Lime-Away.
  • Cloth; must be soft, lint-free and chemical-free. NO clean-wipes!
  • Cotton swab (Plus Models only).

For step by step instructions, including images, click here: Trojan UV Max Manual