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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Water Conservation Tips

Since 1983, APSP (The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) is the only industry organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute as the recognized Standards Development Organization to promote and develop the nation's standards for swimming pools and hot tubs. The members of APSP are strong advocates for water conservation.

Here are a few Water Conservation Tips for Pool and Spa Users by The APSP:

  • Spa water only needs to be replaced 2-3 times a year. Water can be reused for greywater initiatives likes landscape watering.
  • A full pool will last decades (if maintained properly). Draining a pool is unusual and usually requires a professional.
  • Hot tub water lasts 4 to 6 months unlike bathing which lasts only one time.
  • A jetted or whirlpool bathtub used twice a week consumes 240 gallons. In 4 months, these tubs use the same amount of water as most pools in an entire season.

Make the most of your pool and/or spa water:

  1. Use a pool cover! A proper pool cover can reduce evaporation and water waste by 95%. Replace spa covers every three years for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Check for leaks regularly. You don't want to loose water by letting it leak away.
  3. Keep up with proper spa maintenance. Doing so will extend the spas cleanliness and time between draining and refilling.
  4. Maintain pool and pool filtration systems. Using an automatic pool cleaner will send left over debris through the filtration systems. With proper maintenance, it will reduce the frequency of backwashing.
  5. Pools and spas: remove debris from trees and landscaping and rinse bathing suites with clear water because soap residue is a major contributor to poor water quality.
  6. Is your water clean? Don't drain! Only drain if needed too. Spas needs to be drained 2-3 times a year and pools only need to be drained if it needs repairs.
  7. Re-use your water. Before you drain your spa, let it sit open for 48-72 hours with no new chemicals added the use the water on garden plants. OR ask your retailer about products that neutralize chemicals.
  8. Recycle - capture rainwater to replace lost water due to evaporation in spas or pools or to simply refill your spa.
  9. Upgrade your spa. Within the last five years, new technology cleaning systems have been added to help keep water clean much longer (up to 6 months without refilling). The technology is also available for older models.

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