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Monday, July 27, 2015

Questions and Answers About Rockin Foam Pond and Waterfall Foam.

Question - Every time I use an aerosol can, the foam dispenses when I put the straw on the trigger?

Answer - Always put the straw on the trigger BEFORE you screw the trigger on the valve. As you put pressure on the valve trying to secure the straw; you just started making a mess with a whipped cream can.

Question - That black foam is messy, is there anything that will take it off my hands?

Answer -first of all, to my knowledge all cans say USE GLOVES. But if you do get some on your skin use acetone. There are numerous brand names for foam cleaner upwards of $18 for 6 ounces. Go to your local hardware store and pick up a quart of acetone for about $3.

Question -What's the difference between a can that has metric versus an ounce measurement?

Answer - If you are currently using a can that is metric it is an import. Some companies market their product as a 16 oz can but if you do the math, you are only getting 15 ounces?

Question - Do all cans on the market have to be used upside down?

Answer - Not if you use ROCKIN FOAM® straw foam. ROCKIN FOAM® straw foam can dispense an ANY ANGLE.

Question - I always have to buy at least two of the standard 12 ounce size can, why isn't there a larger can available?

Answer - ROCKIN FOAM® was designed as a true 20 oz can for this very reason.

Question - I don't like cans because if you do have some product left in the can, you can't use it at a later date?

Answer. - ROCKIN FOAM® is a reusable can so you can get maximum yield. Just seal the straw on the reserve nub and you can use the can up to 2 to 3 week later for another job.

Question - Why is it important to have product that inhibits ultra violet light?

Answer - For cosmetic and stability reasons. The color black retards foam degradation ONLY if the foam remains black. ROCKIN FOAM® uses CARBON, NOT DYE. A dyed product will fade to a yellow brown color over time.

Question - Won't dyed foam eventually discolor with the algae and water?

Answer- Yes, BUT, the sun will still effect the degradation of the foam and you will still have a yellowish brown color where the foam does not come into contact with water.

Question - Cans suck! Why doesn't everyone use a cartridge gun?

Answer - Until the formulation of the 20 oz ROCKIN FOAM®, the gun had an application. ROCKIN FOAM® straw foam is reusable. If you compare the price of ROCKIN FOAM® straw foam VS. the cost of the gun, cost of the cartridge AND the cost of that super duper $22 for a 12 ounce can of acetone cleaner and your time to clean your gun; ROCKIN FOAM® straw foam is an obvious choice.

Question - I can get that yellow stuff at the big box super cheap. Why would I want to pay for black foam? When I can just paint the yellow foam black?

Answer - You must have a lot of free time on your hands and VERY cheap labor!

Question - I've heard that "triple expanding foam is the best"

Answer - You heard WRONG. Use ROCKIN FOAM® as it is "MINIMAL EXPANDING". If you want to pay for more propellant and do a lot of trimming; triple expanding is the way to go. Minimal expanding has better density for secure rock placement.

Question - Why don't the triggers on the cans work?

Answer - They are too small and you have to use your thump on the valve and you have no control. ROCKIN FOAM® straw foam has a LONG trigger and you can actually control how fast the foam expels from the can.

Question - Can you compete with my price?

Answer - ROCKIN FOAM® doesn't have to compete with imports. If your product is substantially under the market price of ROCKIN FOAM®, something must have been sacrificed. It is a long way from Europe or China and freight is not free. ROCKIN FOAM® is formulated and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Question - Why do some cans expel rapidly or sometimes not at all?

Answer - Most often the product you are using has a short life span and you have exceeded it. Use ROCKIN FOAM® straw foam, as it has a TWO YEAR self life from date of manufacture.

Question - OK. I didn't read the directions on the can saying you should only fill a void approximately 1/3 full, to allow for expansion. NOW, I have extra cured foam I need to remove. I have tried a pocket knife, a utility knife, and I even physically tore the foam away. Makes an ugly mess. What do you recommend?

Answer - I think you are the first to say you didn't read the directions! :) Use a # 24 PPI (Points per inch) 12 inch hacksaw blade. It is very flexible and when you trim with the teeth facing you, you will soon be able to enter ice carving competitions.